No Bake Butterfinger Cake


Butterfinger Cake

4 egg yolks

2 cups powdered sugar

½ cup butter, softened

1 – 16oz carton Cool Whip

1 angelfood cake, torn/cut into pieces (2” cubes) (cake mix prepared according to package directions, then cooled OR store bought already prepared cake)

4 Butterfinger candy bars, crushed

Beat eggs, sugar and butter until creamy.

Blend in Cool Whip.

Layer twice in dessert bowl/trifle or pan.

Cake/Cool Whip mix/candy bars.



7 comments on “No Bake Butterfinger Cake

  1. i love this cake mo and my mom make it all the time….its awesome i eat a bunch of it.it is so gooood….member i loove i could live off it….LOL

  2. are you suppose to bake the cake mix?

    • I am so sorry, did I get sloppy on my directions? Yes you bake the cake according to package directions and let cool. Then you tear the cake in pieces for layering.

  3. What cake mix? I sub eggbeaters for eggs cuz I don’t like to eat raw eggs??

    • After 2 comments mentioning a cake mix, I went back to reread my post….I didn’t even mention a cake mix originally. However, I have now edited my post. You can use whatever angelfood cake mix you prefer. I think my local store carries Betty Crocker.
      As for the eggbeaters in the rest of the recipe…I have no idea how that would turn out. I just use eggs and don’t sweat it.

  4. The butterfinger bars: are they regular large candy bars, or the mini?

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