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Easy Peasy Gingerbread Houses

This is a great, simple way to enjoy the tradition of making gingerbread houses.

Box of graham crackers

almond bark

assorted candies and other edible decor

In a heat safe bowl, melt some almond bark according to package directions.

You will use 7 crackers for each house. One for the bottom, 2 sides, 2 ends and 2 for the roof.

Cut points on the end of two crackers to make the ends of your house.  Just think about the angle of roof you want.  I never measure, just eyeball it and hope I get both ends close to even LOL

Dip (smear) adjoining ends/sides of crackers in melted almond bark and gently press together. Hold briefly.  The wonderful thing about working with almond bark is it holds well, and quickly!

I find it works well to start one side attached to the bottom, then an end and on around to the other side.  Make sure all sides are secured well before adding the roof.

You can either press the edges to meet at the top of the roof or you can leave space to later fill in with gum drops, fat pretzel sticks or candy canes.

Then decorate as desired. Some of our favorite items are:

LifeSavers, M&Ms, Chex cereal, Triscuit crackers, mini pretzel sticks, or the checkerboard ones that make perfect windows 🙂 Peppermint sticks or round candies, red hots, Mentos, Necco Wafers, licorice, Tootsie Rolls, marshmallows…

As you can see, anything goes. Let your imagination run wild!! 

Oh and I’d love to see pictures of your finished projects (process pics too, I’m not picky 🙂 )!!


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