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Butterfly Cake


For my daughter’s 3rd birthday I made a butterfly cake.  Twas her first choice 😉

1 box cake mix (we used strawberry, pink you know)

Mix and bake according to directions in 2 round cake pans.  Cool slightly in pans, then remove to wire racks to cool completely.

Next, I stacked the cakes, dry, cut in half, top to bottom. Then I cut a small diamond, about 2-3″ from the top.  I made the end pointing to the center of the cake slightly longer.  So, you’ll have half a diamond on each half.  Does that make sense?  Sorry, I forgot progress pics, but I think you can figure it out well enough by looking at the finished product.

For the icing I did something different.  A real whipped cream icing.  I use 2 medium cartons (pint?  I’ll double check and post back) of cold heavy whipping cream.  I poured that into a chilled mixing bowl, added 2 tsp vanilla extract and 4 Tbsp powdered sugar.  Whip until a light, fluffy cream. After that you can color as desired.  I used liquid colors instead of my usual pastes.

Then work quickly, but gently.  You don’t want to  work the cream too much if you’ll be piping it as I did.  Frost cake as usual.  Remember to refrigerate.

Get creative, make spots and designs of several colors.  It’s your butterfly 🙂

Oh, I used Twizzlers Pull n Peel for the antenna.  Rolled one end a bit then stuck the other into the cake (mostly icing) at the base.


One comment on “Butterfly Cake

  1. It’s SO pretty, Tara! 😀 You did an awesome job and I know your daughter loved it. :mrgreen:

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