Now this one I didn’t write down, but I’ll do my best to recall.

Frozen bread dough or fave french bread or pizza crust recipe

1 jar pizza sauce

1/2 lb Genoa salami, thinly sliced

1/2 lb ham, thinly sliced, or diced

small package pepperoni

8 oz shredded mozerella cheese

If using prepared frozen dough, thaw as directed.  If making your own, do so 🙂

This recipe uses the equivalent of 2 large pizza crusts.

Sorry, I’ve not done it with the prepared frozen dough, have just heard it can be done.  But one loaf per pizza/stromboli sounds *big*  I guess you’re on your own there.

Preheat oven to 425*F 

For my recipe I divide dough in half. Spread out into a somwhat rectangular fashion, measuring probably 10×12″ ?

Spread somewhere around half the sauce on the dough.  Then simply start layering. I had all sliced meats so spread the ham out first, leaving 1/2″ space between slices, probably 7 or 8 slices.  Then followed with salami, overlapping the ham.  Staggering perhaps you’d say? Where there was a gap between the ham, I centered a salami.  Then scatter pepperoni about.  Sprinkle with half the cheese.  Roll.  Loosely roll.  Tight enough to keep things in but leave it loose for bread expansion and thorough cooking.  Pinch to seal the seams.  Slightly fold under and pinch the ends to seal.  Place on oiled or non-stick sprayed cookie sheet.  Repeat with the other half of your ingredients. 

Bake for 15 minutes uncovered in 425* oven.  Then cover with foil and bake another 15-20 minutes.

I found that at 15 min. the outside was looking nice but te center was still cold and doughy, so covered and cooked the additional 15 minutes and all was well.

Be creative..use different meats, different cheeses, all pepperoni, add some mushrooms and veggies.


3 comments on “Stromboli

  1. I’d like to order enough for three please…


  2. Will this be delivery or carry out?

  3. Can I eat in?


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