BMX track cake

One of Yogurt’s 3 choices for a cake this year was a BMX track.  It sounded the most appealing to me and hey..we’re total BMXicans now anywho, so, it *was* the most logical choice.

So here’s what I did:

2 boxes of cake mix (Yogurt chose Funfetti and Strawberry)

1 1/2 recipes buttercream frosting

brown icing color

green icing color

vanilla sandwich cookies, crushed

chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed

sugar wafer cookie

mini Kit Kat candy bars

Nestle Stix

A day or two before I baked the cakes: 1 – jelly roll pan (10×15?) for my main layer, one mix.  Then the other box of mix I divided between one round and 12 cupcakes.

I really didn’t know just *what* I was going to do.  Just figured these would give me options.

So, cakes baked, cooled, then wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, then aluminum foil and to the freezer.  I removed them just before mixing my frosting the next day.

Just one note…be sure your oven is level, lest you end up with a lopsided main level:

Can you see it?  Yeah.  Well, I figured..ok, we have a downhill track here anyway, I can work with this LOL

Next, I tinted some frosting with the brown and spread a layer on my cake.  Which, you can see above has been put on the prepared cakeboard, wax paper lining the edges to make for a neat presentation.

See, now that was easy wasn’t it?

Next I turned my focus on the starting hill. I don’t have a picture of the cuts I made here.  I was making this up as I went along, so, pictures weren’t at the forefront of my mind.  But I cut a few inches in from the end on the round layer.  Then cut that in half so the pieces could flip on top of one another, then trimmed a bit to the size I needed.  The longer side of this triangular shape went against the previous layer, the shorter side was the back and the slant/curve was the hill.  I shaved the curve a bit, making it flatter.

Then I basically repeated that on a smaller scale to make the ramp up TO the starting hill.

Slathering frosting in between layers, then slapping it all on the main layer in their respective positions.

You can also see in those pictures where I laid down a fresh smear of frosting, paving the track.

Then I sliced the top off a couple of cupcakes, making them level, then cut a crescent shape out of them to make the burms.

You can see the one in the back has already been sprinkled with the chocolate cookie crumbs. In the front one is left plain, that’s our dirt burm.  The chocolate ones are asphalt 😉

But don’t sprinkle your crumbs yet.  I just didn’t have other pics to show you.  Sorry about that.

Now…you can make your hills/jumps/rollers/tabletops/whatever using your KitKats and Stix. I placed a small piece of Stix (just the width of the ‘track’) between burm 1 and 2 then I used 4 mini KitKats to form a step-up before the finish. And you can place your starting gate now as well.  I cut a small strip out of that previously made starting hill then slipped the sugar wafer cookie right in there.  Nice and snug, but no cake ripping. 😉

Frost all of that candy. Lay out your track in fresh icing THEN you can sprinkle with the cookie crumbs.  I chose chocolate for asphalt on the starting hill, one burm and the finish..similar to our actual track.  All else was done in vanilla cookies for dirt.

Then I added grass.  I actually forgot to reserve some white frosting to later be tinted green.  I remembered with the first batch of icing.  But I ended up needing that to finish.  Or so I thought. Ended up needing to fix another half batch and that time I forgot to reserve some, so I just added green to the already tan tinted.  It worked out pretty well actually 😉  I just used a #4 tip and made upward strokes. Letting some fall. 

Do as much or as little grass as you like.  I just started around the edges, to give more of a ‘finished’ look, then hit spots on the burms where we would find grass, then just kept filling in from there.  Around the edges, the grass is about 3 layers thick.  I did one round with a wee space between, then round 2 filled in those gaps and round 3 added more depth.

Yogurt made the checkered flag banner for the finish.  He also suggested the candles be the lights. So, I strategically placed those about the track.

And all lit up..




6 comments on “BMX track cake

  1. […] Jun 12th, 2007 by Tara Yeah, I managed to whip a BMX track out of a cake mix.  For the full ’story’ you’ll have to go to My Recipe Box. […]

  2. Tara! That is an AWESOME cake!!!
    You are so creative!
    My poor kids…Joseph wanted a cowboy cake one year and so I made a box-mix cake and bought a bunch of those little plastic cowboys and Indians and just stuck them all over the top….real creative, huh?

    I hope Yogurt had a great birthday!


  3. Very very cool! 😀

  4. do you have a poicture of the finished product?

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