Chicken Kiev aka Cornflake Chicken

My kids like to call this “Cornflake Chicken”.  Whatever it’s called….this family LOVES it!

You will need:

1/4 cup butter, softened

1/8 tsp garlic powder

1 Tbsp parsley

5 c cornflake cereal (not the frosted variety, plain or honey sweetened)

3 Tbsp parsley

1 1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp salt

6 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, pounded to 1/4″ thickness (in other words, take 3 nice sized boneless/skinless breast, cut them in half, butterfly style = 6 breast halves)

2 eggs

First you’re going to mix the first 3 ingredients: softened butter, garlic powder and parsley.  Cream it together nicely.  Then spread about 1/2″ thick onto a piece of aluminum foil.

Carefully wrap the foil around it and pop it into the freezer to harden.  It shouldn’t take long and should be ready by the time we get to it in the recipe.  However, you can ‘plan ahead’ and do this earlier.  I’m not much of a plan ahead-er, so, thankfully, this works just fine. 🙂

Next, place the cereal into a zipper bag.  Close well, squeezing out the air.  Then crush with a rolling pin.  Now add the remaining spices into the bag, seal and shake to mix.

Now if you haven’t already done so, you will want to pound your breasts now.  Uh, your chicken breast halves.  If you’re fortunate enough to have a nifty meat tenderizer tool, fab!  Use that.  But if you’re like me and don’t possess such a thing, just never saw it as a necessity, then, you can handle it like I do:

Between two sheets of freezer paper, smack with a coffee mug.

Now preheat your oven to 375* F and grease (or spray) a 9×13 baking dish.

Remove your slab of frozen butter mixture from the freezer and slice into 6 strips.

Place one strip on the center of each pounded chicken breast, like so:

Then roll the breast up around it and secure with toothpicks.

Now for the fun part.  It’s best to set up an assembly line for this.

We have our rolled up chicken, 2 eggs beaten, cereal/spice mixture then the prepared baking dish.

Now proceed down the line.  Dipping one breast at a time into the beaten egg, then place in the bag of crushed cereal.  Seal the bag and toss to coat, then place in your baking dish.

And if your hands don’t look like this:

Then you’re a way cleaner cook than I!

Repeat the dip n toss routine for each breast. Leaving you with a pan full of lovely, crusted, rolled up chicken.

Looks yummy already doesn’t it?

Bake at 375* F, uncovered, for 30-40 minutes.  Until chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear…you know the drill on cooking chicken.  The outside will be golden and crispy. Mmm!


I serve this with mashed potatoes and some veggies.  But, we have just about anything with mashed potatoes. 🙂

Ya know, Cheddar Biscuits would be good with this.  Do I have that recipe up yet? If not, hang in there, I’ll get to it.


5 comments on “Chicken Kiev aka Cornflake Chicken

  1. Mmmmm…. Cheedddddaaarrr biscuits!! Okay, this “Cornflake Chicken” looks awwwesome! Tell me you weren’t putting your bare hands in that chicken? Pregnancy.org would have a fit… a flying fit at that. ::snort:: Looks delicious… so you’re making that on Friday when we come over, right? 😉

  2. that looks really easy and yummy!

  3. oh and DO NOT use colored toothpicks like I did… the kids will freak out!!! LOL

  4. Oh man that looks good ( the finished version anyways….raw chicken kind-of freaks me out a little…) 😉

    Will you come be my personal chef?

  5. Tara, this looks SOOOO good! I will try this one sometime very soon. You rock!

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