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Peek-a-boo Cookies

I’m calling these “Peek-a-boo Cookies”.  They could be Valentine cookies, as that’s what I made these for, or they could be cut outs or whatever.

But I like “Peek-a-boo Cookies”

Aren’t they pretty?  I’ve wanted to make these for…forever…I finally got around to it.

It’s your basic sugar cookie recipe which you roll out to make sandwich pairs then cut a small shape out of half of them.

Roll, cut and bake as described in the recipe.  Cooling slightly on the pan then removing to a wire cooling rack to finish the job.

Once cool you smear on about a tablespoon of your favorite fruit spread.  I used strawberry above, because I couldn’t get any raspberry at the time.  Eldest and I were majorly bummed about that, but anyway, choose your flavor, smear it on the whole cookie then top with the ‘peek-a-boo’ cookie.  Then you can give them all a gentle dusting of powdered sugar.  How you ask?  Oh super simple, scoop a bit into a sifter or sieve and gently tap the sugar out as you make your way around the cookie display.

Super cute, super easy, super yummy!


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